Bake it up, baby!

Eat chocolate: help Children in Need.

Eat chocolate: help Children in Need.

It’s our Children in Need fundraising day on Friday, so please donate CAKE for the after-school sale: let’s move a cake mountain for this excellent cause.

You’ve also got two more days to Guess the number of sweets in the jar (on the front desk in school reception) and for your child to put in their bid to Be Head for the Day: tickets are 50p.

The winner will be announced at Friday assembly and will take up their position wearing pyjamas.  Luckily their deputy, Mr Scarborough, will be wearing pyjamas too, so everyone will feel right at home.

Head teacher recruitment: we didn't do it this way last time, did we?

Head teacher recruitment: surely we didn’t do it this way last time?

And finally… the next HSA Committee meeting is on Tuesday 18th November at 8:00pm.  Winter Wonderland will be high on the agenda, plus upcoming projects for the spring term.

Please email HSA secretary, Lucy, if you’d like to come and she’ll make sure you have the address.