What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Wednesday 15th October 2014.

Without science, how would we make slime? Thank you, Learning Treats!

Without science, how would we make slime? Thank you, Learning Treats!

Another action-packed – or rather, decision-packed – meeting on Wednesday night was attended by plenty of non-Committee HSA parents. The committee co-opted Mags, formerly in charge of HSA resources, as co-Chair. Becca (mother of Elsa in Andromeda and Rudy in Pegasus) takes Mags’ place as resources manager, so all places are now filled: thank you!

All parents and carers can come to any HSA Committee meeting: we publicize the date in advance and you just tell us you’re coming. The more, the better.

Two new dates this term: Children in Need on Friday 14th November (cake sale and dress-up day at the very least), and Winter Wonderland on Friday 12th December. The Winter Wonderland planning team are meeting at school on Friday 24th October at 2:30pm, and they’d love you to join them…

Louise (mother of Freya in Cygnus) volunteered to research and propose other dress-up/ charity days this school year, as it was decided to limit these to one per term.

Mr Scarborough congratulates the cast who performed "Romeo & Juliet" at the Pleasance Theatre earlier in the week.

Mr Scarborough congratulates the cast who performed “Romeo & Juliet” at the Pleasance Theatre earlier in the week.

The school’s impressive rendition of Romeo & Juliet at the Pleasance Theatre two days earlier was co-funded by the HSA, giving a great example of what the Learning Treats programme can do. We discussed possible Learning Treats to come: music, philosophy, history, art & design, natural science, food & nutrition… HSA Co-chairs Fiona and Mags will discuss these options with Mr Scarborough shortly and agree on the school’s priorities for the coming year.

We’re keen carry out a premises improvement project this Spring. Re-decorating projects were popular: the lobby, the toilets, the long corridor past the Juniors’ classrooms… We’d like the children to be centrally involved in design, possibly with a resident artist as a Learning Treat. A sub-committee is looking into what’s viable.

There followed a lively discussion about funding, which revealed possible new sources. John (father of Henry in Aquila and Huck in Cygnus) volunteered to follow this up. We’re always on the look-out for new partnerships, sponsorship and help in kind.

Finally, we are almost ready to present three costed options for a fantastic whole school trip this Christmas. Again, our co-Chairs will agree the final shortlist with Mr Scarborough, and all the children will vote. That’s coming very soon.