Running rings round Tufnell Park


Tufnell Park School teachers take the new term in their stride.

Who knew that running in circles could be so much fun for all the family?

Maybe it was the number of teachers – as well as parents – taking part, or maybe it was the sheer joy of being back at school after all those boring holidays(!), but it seemed as if almost as many kids took part in the Adults’ Fun Run as in the childrens’ Fun Run last term.

Whatever the reason, their enthusiasm contributed greatly to the celebratory atmosphere out on the playing fields on Friday afternoon. And make no mistake, despite all distractions those runners worked really hard: thank you, all of you, for your tremendous effort, for your time and for helping make the event such a success.

Now, you generous donors, let’s click here and make it worth their while…

Tufnell Park: is it a little slice of heaven?

Friday afternoon in Tufnell Park: a little slice of heaven?