Our parents & teachers can run: the pictures prove it

In a pair of trainers, she'd be unstoppable.

In a pair of trainers, she’d be unstoppable.

It’s the adults’ sponsored Fun Run at Tufnell Park playing fields tomorrow, so come on down right after school.

Plenty of staff and families – including older siblings – joined in with the kids’ Fun Run in June, so we know you can put on a turn of speed when you need to (whatever your footwear happens to be). We also need people to help with the event and people to keep an eye on runners’ kids, although many children will return the favour and do a lap or two with their perspiring parents…

And if your feeling is that you’d pay not to run, you can certainly do that, too:  just click here.


Thanks again to photographer and Tufnell Park parent, Juliette Neel, for the images.