Say “Hello!” to Mr Scarborough

He'll be at the gate and he'd love to meet you. Yes, you.

He’ll be at the gate and he’d love to meet you. Yes, you.

For those of you who’ve been too busy to look in your diaries this week, don’t forget that our incoming headteacher, Martin Scarborough, will be at our school all day on Friday 27 June – and again on Thursday 10 July.  He’ll be at the gate before and after school and will doubt be sampling the delights of the School Council Cake Sale on Friday afternoon.  (They’re running that all by themselves, by the way, so do help out with cakes and on the stall if you can.)

Here’s what Mr Scarborough told our ace reporter when she caught up with him around half term – as some of you have already read in the most recent HSA newsletter:

Mr Scarborough says…
Tufnell Park Primary’s new Headteacher Martin Scarborough will start his new job after the Summer Holidays. But we were feeling nosey so we caught up with him and asked him a few cheeky questions about himself. He was kind enough to answer them:

Where do you live?
In Bounds Green, with my two sons, Luka (17) and Misa (14).

How long have you lived in London?
I was born in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire – home of the pork pie – and moved to London 25 years ago.

What did you do before going into teaching?
I was a musician – I play the drums – so I worked in a range of bands.

What made you go into teaching?
I was working on a music writing project with young people and was inspired by their energy and capacity to learn.

What made you want to come to Tufnell Park School?
I love the community feel of the school, the friendly atmosphere and rich variety of activities.

What was your favourite subject at school?
That depended so much on the teacher – I had a wonderful English teacher at secondary school who is still an inspiration to me. However, at primary school I didn’t enjoy reading at all and preferred Maths.

What’s the best thing about being a teacher?
It’s a pleasure and immense privilege to be a part of children’s success and development. What’s the hardest thing about being a teacher? If you love it, it’s actually a very easy job!

Which living person do you most admire?
Anybody who is prepared to dedicate themselves to improving society.

What makes you cross?
Inequality – when things aren’t fair.

What makes you happy?
Good company – sharing a conversation, a meal, a moment.

What would your super-power be?
It would have to be the power of flight – there’s nothing better, surely?

What three traits or skills would you most like to see TP kids leave school with?
A love of learning, the resilience to deal with setbacks, and to have discovered a particular passion, interest or talent that they are inspired to develop further.

Tell us a joke:
Q: What’s black and white and noisy?
A: A zebra with a drumkit.