Make way for the donut

From tiny shoots, giant fronds grow...

From tiny shoots, giant fronds grow…

Pictures of how our infants’ playground was transformed are now available – take a look at the new Give & Gain Day gallery.  And heartfelt thanks to all photographers for your help.

The playground has had a happy half term break, meanwhile. While the rain may not have suited everyone, it certainly pleased the giant tree ferns – those tall, hairy stumps that stand between the cedar stepping logs. They’re starting to come out of hibernation, fronds unfurling… Designer Jackie Herald assures us that it’s the start of something enormous.

Measuring up for a great, green donut... all in a day's work for some.

Measuring up for a great, green donut… all in a day’s work for some.

And the great, green donut? Measuring up took place during half term, too, and manufacture is on its way. There’s a rumour that the finished item may have spots… and it’s certainly going to undulate. The mind boggles.