Lady with trees: update on the infants’ playground

"It's a jungle in here!" Designer Jackie Herald brings the outside in.

“It’s a jungle in here!” Designer Jackie Herald brings the outside in.

Look what’s sprouting at Tufnell Park School!

Playground designer Jackie was snapped in the foyer on her way to Reception class this morning. The Cygnus children have been put in charge of looking after our potted bamboo forest until it’s planted in the playground on Friday 16th May.

We’ll need two groups of volunteers on the day: people to help provide a picnic lunch by the pond for everyone working on the project, and people to work alongside the 30 volunteers from Flamingo Consulting as they plant, paint, weed and dig. We’ll also be looking for donations of food and drink, and for equipment to borrow.  We’re co-ordinating those donations by email – please let HSA secretary, Lucy, know if you’re not on the list and would like to be.

If you can’t come on the 16th – or even if you can! – we also need a lot of people to help prepare the site on Saturday 10th May. Come any time from 9:00am and bring a paint scraper with you…