Get out your diary – dates for this term

It’s summer term already and our Summer Fair is on Saturday 12th July.  Please bring your ideas and offers of help to the HSA Committee meeting this Wednesday at 8:00pm in the café bar of the Tufnell Park Tavern.

Back to the drawing board... it's time to plan the 2014 Summer Fair.

Back to the drawing board… it’s time to plan the 2014 Summer Fair.

If you’ve got any free time on Saturday 10th May, do come to the school from 9:00am to help with the annual clear-out and reorganisation of the HSA shed as we gear up to fair season.

In a particularly thrilling development, we have been given our OWN SHED under the rock-solid control of resources manager, Mags Wild. Every silver lining has a cloud, though, and we’ve got a lot of stuff to schlep from the old shed to the new one.  Please help.

Speaking of rocks, a certain Alan Baldwin has been sourcing possible boulders for the infants’ playground in advance of Business in the Community’s volunteer day – 16th May. It’s coming up fast.  We need parents to join the volunteer team from Flamingo Consultants in setting up, planting, painting and stenciling on the day, plus donations of food and drink to give all our volunteers a great picnic lunch.  Oh, and thanks, Alan – but you know that’s going to exceed your baggage allowance.

2014 - 1 Boulder too

Just when you need it most, you find you’ve left the superman outfit at home…

Finally, let’s all stoke up our energy levels at Columba class’s cake sale this Friday, 2nd May. They’re the only class going it alone on a cake sale, so please donate baked goodies if you can.  And if you can’t give cake, buying cake at the sale is just as good!

From this...

From this… this, in 5 minutes. The magic of cake sales.

…to this, in 5 minutes. The magic of cake sales.