Bring me sunshine…

You'd need a panoramic lens to do it justice.

You’d need a panoramic lens to do it justice.

Tufnell Park School Hat Parade: it really is phenomenal. This year the creative madness was as staggering as ever, with added poignancy due to Mr Baldwin’s departure.

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At morning assembly, following an amazing line-up of prizes and “Well Done” Awards for the children, Mr Baldwin finally received his own – the first of several heartfelt gifts. And there were electrifying song and dance performances by children and staff, which this low-cost site cannot, alas, bring to you. You’ll have to wait for the launch of the school site at the end of the month.

A new award, donated by the HSA, will ensure that Mr Baldwin’s name lives on at Tufnell Park.  Each summer, one infant and one junior will receive the Alan Baldwin award (a £25 book token) for being “Fair, friendly and kind” – three of the attributes our children said they rated most highly in our departing head. If we’re very good, perhaps he’ll return to make the presentation…