Fruit frenzy for Sport Relief at TPS today

Tufnell Park School went all out for Sport Relief today, with Street Dance in the hall all afternoon, a fantastic Sports Snacks stall in the playground and some fun games alongside.

Healthy just tastes SO good!

Healthy just tastes SO good!

A lot of “thank you”s are due: to everyone who donated healthy food and drinks – the contributions were truly amazing.

To everyone who chopped and prepped and washed up – what a team!

To the school, of course, for continued mind-boggling enthusiasm – bit of extra? Yep, we’ll do it!

And to all of you who spent and ate: the stall alone raised £147.00 and the total raised by the school (at £1 per dancer) is still to come.

Finally, at the risk of an Oscar-length tribute, thanks to the lovely guys at Fam greengrocers on Fortess Road, who handed over a massive basket of fruit and veg, simply saying, “Children are our future.” Well, quite.