Losers are winners at Tufnell Park…

…but you won’t notice them, because they’ve almost vanished.  At the final meeting of Weight Loss Club last night, the participants clocked in a total of 14.4kg lost in just four weeks – in time to buy treats at the football club cake sale on Friday. To congratulate them on their effort, or just to donate to Learning Treats in the aftermath of our fabulous Maths Week, click here and give the gift that goes on giving…

Upside down

“It ALL looks good from here!”

Meanwhile, Ursa class were taking the upcoming development of the Infants’ Playground seriously, with some intensive research in the field. Our dedicated testers went in search of play landscapes and equipment in Whittington Park, and will be feeding back to Jackie Herald, the award-winning designer who’s working on the project.

Can Jackie make the sun shine in our playground, too?

How did they find a sunny day?

How did they find a sunny day?

"We'll take 10 of these..."

“We’ll take 10 of these…”

"...and here's a nice tall one for the 4-year olds!"

“…and here’s a nice tall one for the four-year olds!”