Choices, choices… children vote for Artist in Residence

Ceramics by Claire Bevaqua - if chosen, she'll make totem poles with the children!

Ceramics by Claire Bevacqua – if chosen, she’ll make totem poles with the children!

At the AGM last September, attendees voted to spend our £2,000 extra-curricular budget on an Artist in Residence to work with the children on a permanent installation for the playground. One of our current Cygnus parents, an established artist, took on the job of compiling a fantastic long list of possible artists.

From this, a short list of three viable projects – by Claire Bevacqua, two-artist team Abigail Hunt and Kieren Reed, and Pedro Kalache – was taken to the School Council last week. They opted to put it to the whole school to vote.

We’re nothing if not democratic. But wouldn’t it be nice to choose all of them!

A Pedro Kalache tile-making workshop...

A Pedro Kalache tile-making workshop…

...and the finished result.

…and the finished product.