You need buns for a bun fight

…and we’ve got them! The Draco & Andromeda cake sale on Friday hauled in £176.92 in what seemed like 10 minutes. That’s cash that goes straight to the classes to spend. For information about all this year’s cake sales, check out our new Cake Sale page. Now you’ll always be prepared…

Just look at these little beauties.

Just look at these little beauties.

Cake Sale_Bun Fight

Urgent! We’re starving!

Cake Sale_clean sweep

…And it’s gone.

PS: In a few weeks, this website will be part of a beautiful new school site, along with our children’s blogs and other ICT work. And we’re doing it ourselves! So don’t forget to come along to Andromeda Class this Tuesday at 4:00pm or 8:00pm to find out all about it. Snacks will be served for both mind and body, and the lovely ladies in Cygnus will look after your little ones for you.