It all adds up

It’s December!  If you’re not Christmas shopping now, we assume you never will be… So please, before you make your next online shopping click, sign up for easyfundraising using this link. By following the instructions, a proportion of what you spend online at 2,700 of Britain’s most popular retailers will be donated to our school.  It really is easy.

How old am I?

How old am I?

Every penny gets spent on our kids – like the incredible bubbly maths show being funded by the HSA for NSPCC Number Day on Tuesday. It’s the first event in the programme of curriculum support we’re calling, “Learning Treats”.

For the Number Day dress-up challenge, we’ve also been on the look out for costume inspiration. Those digits – they’re everywhere!


Finally, in keeping with Tuesday’s fundraising aim, another Cygnus mum drew our attention to the NSPCC’s Letter from Santa scheme. It’s a sweet way to raise more funds for the charity and give a child a lovely surprise. Keep the ideas coming!