Number joy as playground works begin

Out of the way - there's a queue!

Out of the way – there’s a queue!

Our kids just couldn’t wait to get hopping when Playforce installed a new hopscotch game – a nice, free addition to works in the juniors’ playground this week.

How appropriate, given that NSPCC Number Day is coming up next week! Anyone for a hopscotch-inspired costume for the “dress up in digits” fundraising challenge on Tuesday 3rd December?

Speaking of fundraising, at its last meeting the HSA committee decided to go all-out on funding curriculum support as a new priority (we’ll still be applying for grants to complete the playground project). We’re calling the programme, “Learning Treats”, and hope to kick off with support for a school maths week that’s being mooted for February 2014.  So Number Day is just the warm-up…

Finally, if you’d like to help raise funds the easy way, PLEASE sign up to EasyFundraising via this link. Once you’re signed on, more than 2,700 retailers – including Amazon, John Lewis, eBay, Tesco – will donate to the school when you shop with them on line.  We’re very grateful to a proactive Cygnus mum for signing us up to the scheme – now please use it!