All kinds of heroes at TPS

A lot of fun and good fundraising were to be had at school on Friday, with heroes large and small turning out for Children in Need.

Got our top team guarding the gate.

Children in Need brought out the hero in everyone – including our top team at the gate.

The cake sale and face painting after school were mobbed (in a good way!).  Thanks to everyone who contributed: your efforts raised a total of £577.00 for the charity – an excellent result.

Meanwhile, in assembly that day, the HSA was proud to hand over a significant sum for improvements to the infants’ playground this Spring. That £6,000 is a result of a lot of very hard work and generosity from children, staff and families.  Well done everyone!

From heroes to zeros - and plenty of them!

From heroes to zeros – and plenty of them! HSA members were happy to hand over £6,000 raised for the infants’ playground.

After all that hard work, what about some playtime? Don’t be surprised if you recognize a fair few TPS families at this event at the Dome (underneath the Boston pub) next Sunday afternoon – 24th November.Rave event 151113