Fair-ly Fabulous

Thank you everyone who came to and contributed to our wonderful school fair. Our busy, funny, musical, mostly dry, bouncy, tasty, fishy, BBQ-y, cakey, arty, beautified, bookish, prize giving, tombola dipping, raffle winning SUMMER FAIR! The HSA committee did a snap count of  proceeds after the event and it looks like we’ve cleared £2,500 (and counting). As well as this money being raised, spirits were raised to see so many people chipping in with time, effort, services and funds.

Our sincere thanks again to each and everyone of you who helped in so many different ways, with special thanks for the headlining turns from our brilliant parents’ bands, Captain Fantastic, Fun Spot for their popular bungee and the admirable football gamers.  Thank you.

Some photos – if you have more (better!) or any feedback let us know via the contact page or in person.

Hook the duck prizes

Captain Fantastic whips up a maelstrom of entertainment